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I have compiled a short-list of the most commonly used and useful gamehacking-related tools. Not all of these tools are freeware. All of the links below link directly to the authors homepage, and not any 3rd party site (with a couple of exceptions only). None of them are direct-links; authers don't like that, and we will not PM you with warez, so don't even bother sending such requests. 

Any other suggestions for additions to this list, PM either Labyrnth or myself. Don't just google search or leech from other sites, make sure you have actually used the software and believe it is a worthwhile addition. Likewise, if any links cease to work or the pages move without re-direction let us know.

**All files have been multi-scanned and were found be be clean** 
Feel free to check them yourself, Here, and Here.

Memory Scanners/Editors 

- Cheat Engine (Duh!) 
- ArtMoney 
- T-Search 
- MemoryHackingSoftware 
- Cheat O' Matic 
- Game Cheater 


- OllyDBG 
- IDA Pro 
- Syser Debugger 
- WinDBG 
- Immunity Debugger 

Trainer Makers 

- Game Trainer Studio 
- Cheat Engine 
- Magic Trainer Creator 
- MemHack 
- Trainer Creation Kit 
- Trainer Maker Kit 

Hex Editors 

- Hex Workshop 
- XVI32 
- AXE Hex Editor 
- WinHex 
- HxD 
- DataWorkshop 
- FlexHEX 

Packet Analyzers/Editors 

- WPE/WPE Pro 
- Redox Packet Editor 
- Wireshark (Ethereal) 
- Nsauditor 
- Sniffer Basic (NetXray) 

(Upload by me as DL links are seriously lacking - .7z archives) 

- Game Minimizing Tools (Anti Alt-Tab, MHT, MinimizatoR) 
~Thanks mAURIZIO cAMPO, Tsonkie, Guru.eXe 

- Code-Caving tools (SAS, CodeCaver, CCT) 
~Thanks [Sheep], Spookie, Tsongkie 

- Caption Changer (~Thanks STN) 

- LordPE (great multi-purpose PE tool) 

- SaveGame Analyser 

- Winject v1.7b (~Thanks mcMike) 

- TrainerSpy / Modified TSpy (~Thanks BofeN & Me) 

- Dragon Unpacker (Game Archive Unpacker/Extractor)

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